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Each week I will post a new topic, watch the video below then make your comment. We will share all of the video comments shared with us publicly by submitting you take full responsibility. If you do not want to share or do not have the right to share, the show and its producers will not be held liable.

Each response video must not be more than 10 minutes long and should be thoughtful and respectful. This is not an argument; it is a place to understand how people feel about the Topic presented.  Let’s learn new things!


New Topics on Sunday, New Episodes on Fridays.


Our Topic this week.

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The views expressed on Dead America podcast are the views of the person expressing themselves.

We are here for entertainment only for any Medical or Mental Health concerns you might have. We always recommend seeking local listings for a qualified provider in your area.

We will always consider other points of view on any subject. We do not necessarily agree with our guests all of the time. We value everyone. All of our guests deserve respect and a platform to voice concerns.

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