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About Us

Dead America Podcast seeks change in the world.
Through communication, we can learn about each other. As we communicate
our thoughts and ideas to one another, we can actively change the world
around us. This is the basic premise behind the Dead America Podcast.
We value every person’s thoughts and opinions, no matter their age, gender, or political and
religious beliefs. We are here to learn everything we can from each other and promote a safer
learning environment.
The podcastwas neverjust an idea.Our mission comes from personal experiences along with
struggles that we all might face in our lives. When I started the podcast, I was full of many
different ranges of emotion and personal turmoils. I wanted to seek others out that might
understand how I was feeling. This led me to understand that I was not alone. Along with this
discovery, I also found that Communication and stories change lives, which will change the world.
We release our episodes every Wednesday during each season. Along with our audio podcast,
you can access each episode via an Audiogram video or read the episode with our transcript.
We record our interviews using our telephone recording software. It gets sent to the editing
room, where we run our audio through RX8 to help clean it up then we use Adobe Audition to
edit and add any extra FXforthe podcast.
We use Canva to produce any artwork or promotion graphics that we might need for the
We useOtterto generate our transcript, and then our team goes over it for a final edit.
For our Audiograms, we useHeadliner or Adobe Premiere in conjunction with Canva.
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